Our recipe for green steel?

As Bavaria’s largest recycling company and steel manufacturer, we have been producing green steel for over 50 years. 


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The steel at the Lech steelworks is produced exclusively from scrap steel and is able to be recycled without almost any loss in quality.



The scrap steel from which the new steel is created originates from the region and more than 60% of it is delivered by rail. As a result, from January to December of 2021 we saved 18,968 tons of emissions. 


86 %

of our quality steel is sold by us in Germany.

250 km

is the radius within which we sell our reinforcing steel regionally.

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The Lech steelworks’ water consumption is low when compared to the sector. We focus on closed cooling circuits – including the use of the river Lech as our own cooling channel.



Nature knows no waste products – nor do we. Our residues and by-products are treated to turn them into materials which are put to further use.

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LESS CO2 Emissions

Today’s electric steelmaking process saves more than 80% of CO2 emissions compared to steel produced in a furnace.

CO2 emission comparison

In kg per tonne of crude steel produced*

Blast furnace

1.785 kg

Electric steel (LSW)

324 kg

*Source of baseline data:
EU Delegated Regulation 2019/331 of 19/12/2018 as published in the Official Journal of the EU of 27/02/2019.

This saving is approximately equivalent to the amount of CO2equivalents emitted per passenger on a flight (one-way) from Frankfurt to Beijing on a pro-rata basis.**

**Source: UBA-CO2 calculator (as of: February 2022), TREMOD 6.21; cf.: Link



We produce our steel with low CO2 emissions, now and in the future. Or in other words: low-carb.

But that by itself is not enough for us. 

our Vision



Climate-neutral by 2040

become active now yourself

Our planet’s resources are merely on loan to us from future generations. We are prepared to make our contribution to preserve resources and hence the unique nature and beauty of this world. Via a series of appropriate measures, our aim is to implement projects in the coming years that will further lower our carbon footprint until we have achieved climate neutrality by no later than 2040. 

You share our vision and would like to buy clean steel from Bavaria?

Or get your hands dirty for clean steel?

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